Synopsis of Snake. Fall of a City: The horror of desert anaconda strikes again! During a desert rally, racer Liang Zi Jing quitted halfway through the race. And her admirer,

Synopsis of The First Night: Ren Hao Ming, coming back from abroad to take charge of the family business, met his ex-girlfriend, Ruan Qing Tian. Ruan Qing Tian was planning

Synopsis of Autumn Fairy Tale: When he was 3 years old, Jun Xi caused his real sister to be switched with another baby. 12 years later, the truth resurfaces due

Synopsis of Submission: A must watch of the masochistic romance series! Ruan Qing Tian had just returned from overseas to her home alone. Shortly after she arrived, Ren Hao Ming

Synopsis of Chivalrous: With the invaluable Xuanwu Order lost to the rivers and lakes, the four great martial arts families have become enemies, engaged in open and secret battles. Mo

Synopsis of Love in the Kitchen: Rouge’s new play. The actor is very good at socializing with girls. The heroine is a long-legged beauty who is good at cooking. It happens

Synopsis of The Dragon Hunting Well: A returned medical graduate student came to Foggy Town to deliver medical supplies for epidemic prevention, but the town is attacked by a monster. In