Synopsis of 9 Months: WeTV Sinetron 9 Bulan follows the life of Welly (Fero Walandow) that falls into a contract to wed Karen (Pamela Bowie) for the sake of money

Synopsis of Ustad Milenial: After graduating from a famous Islamic school, Ahmad has a plan to continue his study in Cairo, Egypt to become a preacher. Everything seems on the

Synopsis of Kisah untuk Geri: Dinda’s life changed 180 degrees because her father’s corruption. This gave her the courage to ask Geri, her long-time enemy at school to be her

Synopsis of Gossip Girl Indonesia: The story revolves around a group of privileged Jakarta teens and the notorious IG account @GossipGirl.Indo who watches their every move and becomes the source

Synopsis of Titisan: Thalia just wants to fit in her new campus, but the ghosts of her past are taking her life to another direction. Every twist and turn is