Be My Cat Episode 01 – 08

Download Be My Cat Chinese Drama
Download Be My Cat Chinese Drama

Synopsis of Be My Cat:

The story revolves around the cute and lively proprietress Su Xiao He who runs a pet shop on the banks of Qingshan Lake in Qingqiu Country Jiangzhou.

She accidentally picked up a “Blue Soul Orb” and awakened the Meow Star Prince from the DW galaxy. The Prince incarnate as Mo Xiu Ran, a mysterious major general of the Qingqiu country.

He and Su Xiao He signed a “master-servant contract” by chance. Although they were initially at odds, together they embark on an adventure, uncovering the secrets and found love in the process.

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Title: Be My Cat / My Young Pet General / Wo De Chong Wu Shao Jiang Jun

Native Title: 我的宠物少将军

Genres: Adventure, Historical, Romance, Fantasy

Episode: 16

Aired: Feb 8, 2021 – Mar 1, 2021

Aired On: Monday, Sunday

Channel:  Sohu TV

Episode 01 – 08540p

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