[Completed] – Better off Mine (Thailand Drama) – 2020

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Synopsis of Better off Mine:

Tid and Giew dated back in their university days.

Some years later, Giew becomes a strict and famous lakorn director, and Tid, whose TV show is dying, works at a TV company.

Tid and Pin are married and are trying to have a child. Pin quits her job and becomes a housewife.

Because Pin’s system is weak, Tid and Pin decide to do GIFT. Meanwhile, Giew’s ex-boyfriend gets married.

She is furious, so she ruins their wedding, gets very drunk, runs over a dog, and it is spread throughout the news.

Her boss gives her lakorn to another director to direct and fires her.

Giew is now unemployed, so she decides to carry her Piang’s, her gay best friend, child since Piang’s father really wants a grandchild.

Emmy, her ex-boyfriend’s wife, is a nurse who takes care of both Pin and Tid, and Giew and Piang.

She finds out that Giew was the one who ruined her wedding, so she switches their embryos. So…

Giew is carrying Tid and Pin’s child. Pin is carrying Giew and Piang’s child.

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Title: Better off Mine / Oum Rak Game Luang / Ruk Laek Oum

Native Title: อุ้มรักเกมลวง

Genres: Historical, Romance, Drama, Fantasy

Episode: 24

Showtimes: May 4, 2020 – Jun 11, 2020

Channel: GMM One

Episode 01 – 24540p


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