Chivalrous (2020)

Download Chivalrous Chinese Movie
Download Chivalrous Chinese Movie

Synopsis of Chivalrous:

With the invaluable Xuanwu Order lost to the rivers and lakes, the four great martial arts families have become enemies, engaged in open and secret battles.

Mo Xiao Hao, descendant of the God of War, who has secluded himself from the mundane world, gets involved in the disputes after meeting Bai Yu Jiao. He resolves the feuds and disputes between the four families, restoring peace to the rivers and lakes.

Together with Bai Yu Jiao, he secludes himself from the martial arts world.

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Title: Chivalrous

Native Title: 战玄武

Genre: Wuxia

Release Date: 2020

Runtime: 1 hr. 30 min.

Download Chinese Movie Chivalrous:

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