[Completed] – Detective (Chinese Drama) – 2020

Download Detective Chinese Drama
Download Detective Chinese Drama

Synopsis of Detective:

Set in the early Republican era, the story follows a policeman with a dual personality who lifts the veil on a series of strange cases.

The year is 1911 and China is on the eve of revolution.

A series of connected homicides occurs in rural Fuyuan County, a prefecture on the outskirts of Tianjin.

Tianjin detective Tan Bodun and his team head there to solve the case.

After peeling back the layers of the mystery, he uncovers a shocking secret about Fuyuan County and a struggle between justice and evil begins.

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Title: Be With You / Zhen Tan Yu Lu / Detective Quotes

Other Title: 侦探语录

Genres: Suspense, Historical, Mystery, Crime, Detective

Episode: 26

Aired: Oct 25, 2020 – Nov 15, 2020

Channel: iQiyi

Episode 01 – 26540p

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