[Completed] – Devilish Joy (Korean Drama) – 2018

Download Devilish Joy Korean Drama
Download Devilish Joy Korean Drama

Synopsis of Devilish Joy:

Gong Ma-Sung (Choi Jin-Hyuk) is a successor to the Sunwoo Company and he is an expert in the field of cranial nerves.

One day, while trying to help a woman who he happens to meet, he has a car accident.

Gong Ma-Sung suffers from short-term memory loss after the car accident and his memory lasts for only one day. Ever day, he writes down notes about what happened to him that day.

The next morning, he memorizes the written notes that he wrote the night before.

Gong Ma-Sung then meets Joo Gi-Bbeum (Song Ha-Yoon). She used to be a popular actress, but she is not anymore. They fall in love with each other.


Title: Devilish Joy /  The Remember Me / Diabolic Joy / Devilish Charm

Other Title: 마성의 기쁨

Genre: Business, Comedy, Romance, Drama, Family

Director: Kim Ga-Ram

Writer: Choi Ji-Yeon

Episode: 16

Showtimes: September 5 – October 25, 2018

Airtime: Wednesday & Thursdays

Channel: MBN, Dramax

Download Korean Drama Devilish Joy:

Devilish Joy (2018) Episode 1 – 16 – Download


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