[Completed] – Edge to Happiness (Chinese Drama) – 2016

Download Edge to Happiness Chinese Drama
Download Edge to Happiness Chinese Drama

Synopsis of Edge to Happiness:

He Mu is the youngest son of a rich family. As a free-spirit, he runs away from his family to avoid being tied down by an arranged marriage. Highly adaptable, he works his way up at a different company and meets a hard-working girl in the process.

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Title: Edge to Happiness / Yuan Lai Xing Fu / Yuen Loi Hang Fuk / Fate Leads To Happiness / Happiness Edge ,

Other Title: 緣來幸福

Genres: Romance

Episode: 44

Showtimes: Jun 23, 2016 – Jul 13, 2016

Channel:  Shenzhen TV

Episode 01 – 44540p

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