[Completed] – Five Fingers (Korean Drama) – 2012

Download Five Fingers Korean Drama
Download Five Fingers Korean Drama

Synopsis of Five Fingers:

In Ha is the son of a talented pianist, and dreams of taking over his family’s business.

But when one day his father brings home an illegitimate son, Ji Ho (Joo Ji Hoon), and declares that he will be the heir to the family business, In Ha’s world is shattered. In Ha’s mother hereby want’s revenge and uses JiHo, while playing the goodnatured mother in front of him.

Ji Ho grows up to be a pianist prodigy and the heir to his family’s business. He loves his stepmother and stepbrother In Ha more than himself and only wants the best for them.

But when he finds out the secrets, lies and plots which have used on him, he vows to revenge on the people who he once thought was his closest family.


Title: Five Fingers /  The Magical Fingers

Other Title: 다섯손가락

Genre: Music, Romance, Melodrama

Director: Choi Hyeong-Hun

Writer: Kim Sun-Ok

Episode: 30

Showtimes: Aug 18, 2012 – Nov 25, 2012

Airtime: Saturday, Sunday

Channel: SBS

Download Korean Drama Five Fingers:

Five Fingers (2012) Episode 1 – 30 – Download

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