[Completed] – Hello Dracula (Korean Drama) – 2020

Download Hello Dracula Korean Drama
Download Hello Dracula Korean Drama

Synopsis of Hello Dracula:

“Drama Festa – Hi, Dracula” is the growth story of people who live in Block Z who have to face the matters in life that they just want to avoid. It’s an omnibus drama about a daughter named Anna who gives in to her mother, a mother named Ji-yeong who overpowers her daughter, an indie band vocalist named Seo-yeon, born rich Ji-hyeong and Yoo-ra, who wasn’t brought up in the best of conditions.

Three neighbors face problems that want to avoid, but they grow by facing their dilemmas.

Story 1 An-Na lives with her mother Mi-Young. An-Na lives her life according to her mother’s wishes, but she has a secret that she can’t tell anyone.

Story 2 Redevelopment project of the area where Yoo-Ra and her family live is carried out. Yoo-Ra and her family have to leave the neighbor.

Story 3 Seo-Yeon is the vocalist of an indie band. She is obsessed with superstitions. Seo-Yeon can’t get over her ex-boyfriend, who left her 1 year ago.

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Title: Hello Dracula /  Annyeong Deurakyura

Hangul Title: 안녕 드라큘라

Genre: Drama, Melodrama

Director: Kim Da-Ye

Writer: Ha Jung-Yoon

Episode: 2

Showtimes: Feb 17, 2020 – Feb 18, 2020

Airtime: Monday, Tuesday

Channel: JTBc

Download Korean Drama Hello Dracula:

Hello Dracula Episode 1 – 2 – Download

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