[Completed] – I, Myself (Taiwanese Drama) – 2020

Download I Myself Taiwanese Drama
Download I Myself Taiwanese Drama

Synopsis of I, Myself:

The drama tells a story after Fang Jia Ying broke up with her boyfriend. Although it is good to be brave on your own, she still longed for a companion.

She met Ding Zhi Ming on a healing journey, a person who firmly believes that “everyone in this world is lonely.” The two were, therefore, forced to re-examine their philosophy of life and redefine the concept of loneliness.

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Title: I, Myself / Ruo Shi Yi Ge Ren

Other Title: 他其实没有那么爱你

Genres: Psychological, Romance, Life, Drama

Director: Qin Wen

Episode: 10

Showtimes: Apr 19, 2020 – Jun 21, 2020

Airtime: Sunday

Channel: CTS, PTS

I, Myself Taiwanese Drama Download Link:

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I, Myself Episode 01 – 10 – Download

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