[Completed] In Time With You (Thailand Drama) – 2020

Download In Time With You Thai Drama
Download In Time With You Thai Drama

Synopsis of In Time With You:

Pim is a savvy sales dept.

head at a high-profile shoe company that has mastered the art of achieving a healthy work/life balance.

At 30, her parents think she is ripe for marriage, Her best friend Pon works for Bangkok Airlines.

He has always stood by her through thick and thin ready to offer her a shoulder to cry on.

All those around them think them the perfect couple.

Except for Pon who sees Pim as a friend. She wants to be swept off her feet.

The friends make a bet that whichever one is not married in the following year, must pay the bride or groom- to -be a sum of money as a wedding gift.

With just a year to find their soulmate, Pon throws herself wholeheartedly into the process and Pim reluctantly so.

Each finds partners who turn out to not be the one.

They still turn to each other to confide in as romances unravel.

Meanwhile Pim no longer able to tolerate the nearness of Pon moves to another city.

rather than tell Pon how he really feels about her.

And Pim cannot see what she has under her nose with Pim.

Will Pim find the courage to confess or will Pim realize her true love is closer than she thinks? Or will they be forever destined to remain friends?

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Title: In Time With You

Native Title: เกินห้ามใจไม่ให้รัก

Genres: Romance, Drama

Episode: 24

Aired: Mar 25, 2020

Channel: PPTV

Episode 01 – 24540p


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