[Completed] – Kiss that Kills (Japanese Drama) – 2018

Download Kiss that Kills Japanese Drama
Download Kiss that Kills Japanese Drama

Synopsis of Kiss that Kills:

Dojima Otaro works as a popular host. Because of a past incident, he believes that love makes people unhappy.

He now only pursues money and power. A mysterious woman appears in front of Dojima Otaro. The mysterious woman has a pale face with red lips.

She kisses him and he dies, but the next moment he regains consciousness. He realizes he is now 7 days in the past.

The mysterious woman also follows him.

Due to her kiss, Dojima Otaro dies and goes back to the past over and over again.

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Title: Kiss that Kills /  Kiss of Death / Todome no Kisu

Native Title: トドメの接吻

Genre: Suspense, Friendship, Mystery, Comedy, Romance, Supernatural

Director: Sugawara Shintaro, Akashi Hiroto

Writer: Izumi Yoshihiro

Episode: 10

Showtimes: January 7 – March 11, 2018

Airtime: Sunday

Channel: NTV

Download Japanese Drama Kiss that Kills:

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Kiss that Kills Episode 1 – 10 – Download

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