[Completed] – Last Friends (Japanese Drama) – 2008

Download Last Friends Japanese Drama
Download Last Friends Japanese Drama

Synopsis of Last Friends:

Last Friends deals with issues such as domestic violence, sexless couples, and other problems that people suffer today. The youths in this drama are all suffering from different issues. They come to live together in a share house.

Hair stylist assistant Michiru Aida comes across Ruka Kishimoto, her best friend in high school. Ruka is living in a share house with her friend Eri, and is aiming to become a motocross racer. Ruka invites Michiru to live with her in the share house, but Michiru declines because she has plans to start living with her boyfriend Sosuke Oikawa, who works at the child welfare division at the ward office.

The same day at the same store, hair & make-up artist Takeru Mizushima bumps into Ruka and picks up a cup that she dropped and broke. Takeru chases after Ruka to return the cup, but she mistakenly thinks that he’s trying to pick her up. Ruka yells at Takeru and walks away.

Soon after this, Michiru moves in with Sosuke. She is filled with happiness when Sosuke promises he’ll never leave her side, whatever happens. But one morning, Michiru wakes up to find Sosuke looking at her cell phone checking her text messages…

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Title: Last Friends / Rasuto furenzu

Native Title: ラスト・フレンズ

Genre: Suspense, Friendship, Mystery, Comedy, Romance, Supernatural

Director: Hiromasa Kato, Mizuki Nishizaka, Mitsutaka Endo

Writer: Kazutoshi Tani, Taeko Asano

Episode: 11

Showtimes: April 10 – June 19, 2008

Airtime: Thursday

TV Ratings: 17.7%

Channel: Fuji TV

Download Japanese Drama Last Friends:

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Last Friends Episode 01 540p – Download
Last Friends Episode 01 720p – Download
Last Friends Episode 02 540p – Download
Last Friends Episode 02 720p – Download
Last Friends Episode 03 540p – Download
Last Friends Episode 03 720p – Download
Last Friends Episode 04 540p – Download
Last Friends Episode 04 720p – Download
Last Friends Episode 05 540p – Download
Last Friends Episode 05 720p – Download
Last Friends Episode 06 540p – Download
Last Friends Episode 06 720p – Download
Last Friends Episode 07 540p – Download
Last Friends Episode 07 720p – Download
Last Friends Episode 08 540p – Download
Last Friends Episode 08 720p – Download
Last Friends Episode 09 540p – Download
Last Friends Episode 09 720p – Download
Last Friends Episode 10 540p – Download
Last Friends Episode 10 720p – Download
Last Friends Episode 11 540p – Download
Last Friends Episode 11 720p – Download

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