[Completed] – Love Revolution (Thailand Drama) – 2020

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Synopsis of Love Revolution:

Nicha, an orphan girl, agrees to disguise herself as a boy and become heir to a wealthy family of Trilogy.

Nicha only condition to the agreement is that Trilogy continues to help the orphanage where she was raised.

Years go by, now assuming the identity of Ice, she manages Trilogy’s company, as a family business executive.

Aici, a friend of Nicha from the same orphanage, also changed his identity to Seifer in fear that the man who killed his mother will come to kill him.

Aici receives a scholarship to attend school from the Trilogy family with his fellow orphan siblings, Lin and Chakra.

After growing up, the group of orphans begin to work in the Trilogy family company to repay their kindness.

But there are mysterious secrets bubbling to the surface connected to the orphans and families who help them.

What will Nicha’s fate be? Will she be able to live her new life with her disguise?

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Title: Love Revolution / Leh Game Rak /  Love Game / Tricky love game

Native Title: เล่ห์เกมรัก

Genres: Mystery, Business, Romance, Drama

Director: Chatchai Surasit

Episode: 26

Showtimes: Jun 17, 2020 – Sep 10, 2020

Airtime: Wednesday, Thursday

Channel: PPTV

Love Revolution Thai Drama Download Link:

Episode 01 – 10Download
Episode 11 – 15Download
Episode 16 – 23Download
Episode 24 – 25Download
Episode 26Download


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Hi There some of the episodes seem to be missing Ep 11-15 and 24-25.
Hope you could upload it ? Thanks Love.


Hello, the files for episodes 11-15 and 24-25 are empty.


Hi thanks for the drama, can you please upload the episode 11 – 15 the folder is empty

Alif Mutakhin

Thank u, Sir 🙂