[Completed] – Love with Flaws (Korean Drama) – 2019

Download Love with Flaws Korean Drama
Download Love with Flaws Korean Drama

Synopsis of Love with Flaws:

This romantic comedy follows a woman who has an aversion to flower boys and a man who has an obsession with appearance. The female lead, Joo Seo Yeon, is a hot-tempered physical education high school teacher who always wears sneakers, jeans and training uniforms.

The death of her parents helped instill a deep sense of compassion, a generous heart and an outspoken objection for anyone who drinks and drives.

Living in a house with three irascible and very attractive brothers, she loathes flower boys. Her ideal type is someone who is “not handsome.” In contrast, the male lead, Lee Kang Woo, is a handsome chaebol who focuses primarily on outer appearance.

Initially, he craved attention, oozed arrogance and loved his looks–despite the strict diet and exercise regimen required to maintain it. While he appears flawless, he (like everyone else) was wounded while growing up.

And those flaws–along with everyone else’s–drive the story. Sparks fly when they meet and struggle to overcome their biases for and against people with flaws.

Throughout the drama they learn to see beyond appearances to the tragic backstories and scars that motivate themselves and the people around them.

Title: Love with Flaws / Defective People / People With Flaws / Doctor People , 

Other Title: 하자있는 인간들

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama, Family

Episode: 32

Aired: Nov 27, 2019 – Jan 16, 2020

Channel: MBC

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Episode 01 – 32540p

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