[Completed] – Memory Lost Season 1 (Chinese Drama) – 2016

Download Memory Lost Season 1 Chinese Drama
Download Memory Lost Season 1 Chinese Drama

Synopsis of Memory Lost Season 1:

Brilliant police officer Han Chen searches tirelessly for his lost fiancée – despite his amnesia, and despite everyone else insisting that this woman does not exist. His search leads him to Bai Jin Xi, a sunny girl working as a police detective and whose mysterious past is as full of secrets as Han Chen’s own.

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Title: Memory Lost / Mei Ren Wei Xian / Lost Memory (Season 1)

Native Title: 美人为馅

Genres: Action, Suspense, Friendship, Mystery, Romance, Crime, Detective, Investigation

Episode: 12

Aired: Oct 24, 2016 – Nov 8, 2016

Channel: IQIYI

Episode 01 – 12540p

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