[Completed] – Mr. Fox and Miss Rose (Chinese Drama) – 2020

Download Mr. Fox and Miss Rose Chinese Drama
Download Mr. Fox and Miss Rose Chinese Drama

Synopsis of Mr. Fox and Miss Rose:

An urban love story of Wonder Woman and a jewel explorer.

Gao Zhen He, a young man, who makes his living by exploring high-end gemstones has accidentally dropped off a cliff and finds a place under it where a primitive tribe has located.

After the female tribe leader, Xing Yue rescues Gao Zhen He; she wants him to be her man.

To obtain the rare gems of the tribe, Gao Zhen He pretends to marry Xing Yue.

After obtaining the gems, he flees back to the city, and Xing Yue goes after him to mostly find him and her gems, which leads to a series of stories.

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Title: Mr. Fox and Miss Rose / Qiu zhang de nan ren

Other Title: 酋长的男人

Genres: Action, Comedy, Romance

Director: Zhu Dong Ning

Episode: 30

Showtimes: May 28, 2020 – Jun 11, 2020

Channel: Tencent Video

If there are no subtitles, please download the subtitles at Subscene

Episode 01 – 09Download
Episode 11 – 30Download

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Hi admin, please reupload ep11 to ep30 as the mega folder is empty with no files. Thanks~


HI sorry but no links in the maps all empty, or just for me? tnx