[Completed] – My Roommate is a Detective (Chinese Drama) – 2020

Download My Roommate is a Detective Chinese Drama
Download My Roommate is a Detective Chinese Drama

Synopsis of My Roommate is a Detective:

Set in the mid-1920s. A resourceful young police officer named Qiao Chu Sheng is on the trail of a brutal but devious killer. Realizing that the police force will need some extra help with this difficult case, he decides to form an elite crime-busting detective team.

He reaches out to a young man who has recently returned from studying in Great Britain, Lu Yao. Qiao Chu Sheng has learned that Lu Yao has remarkable powers of deduction and a brilliant mind – and believes he can help crack this difficult case.

To round off the team, he enlists the help of Bai You Ning, a focused young female reporter for a daily newspaper. A free-thinking, independent young woman, she has a strong sense of justice – and pledges to help catch the killer. The trio form a small detective squad that specializes in solving strange and unsettling murder mysteries.

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Title: My Roommate is a Detective / Min Guo Qi Tan / The Republic of China / Exploring the Republic of China

Other Title: 民国奇探

Genres: Action, Thriller, Historical, Mystery, Comedy, Romance


Showtimes: Mar 24, 2020 – Apr 23, 2020

Channel: iQiyi

Episode 01 – 36540p

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