[Completed] – My Secret Bride (Thailand Drama) – 2019

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Synopsis of My Secret Bride:

Suam is a mischievous girl who grew up in the slums.

She develops a crush on Danurut, a good cop, the first time she meets him due to his good looks and kindness.

They met previously at the police station when Danurut helped Suam get out of some trouble due to a false accusation.

Suam is then asked to become a spy for the police by an undercover deputy commander named Tuan.

His mission is to spy and gather evidence on an influential criminal named Sia Ha.

Tuan believes Danurut’s uncle is part of Sia Ha’s gang and suspects Danurut as well.

Suam gets involved with Danurut again when he misunderstands that she is Aek’s mistress who is his cousin’s fiance.

He hires Suam to be his fake wife to keep her away from Aek and to also help him avoid his ex-girlfriend Suchada who is also Sia Ha’s daughter.

Tuan believes this is the perfect opportunity to spy on Danurut so Suam accepts his offer.

Suam and Danurut bicker and fight all the time.

She moves into his house pretending to be his wife because he needs her to follow his orders while she must spy into him!

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Title: My Secret Bride / Kao Waan Hai Noo Pen Sai Lub / They Asked Her To Be A Spy

Native Title: เขาวานให้หนูเป็นสายลับ

Genres: Action, Horror, Comedy, Romance, Crime

Episode: 18

Aired: Nov 8, 2019 – Dec 14, 2019

Channel: Channel 3

Episode 01 – 05540p
Episode 06 – 18540p

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