[Completed] – Pinnochio (Korean Drama) – 2014

Download Pinnochio Korean Drama
Download Pinnochio Korean Drama

Pinocchio Synopsis:

As a child, Ha-Myeong (Lee Jong-Suk) grew up in a family with his firefighter father, mother and older brother. Ha-Myeong and his older brother (Yoon Gyun-Sang) both possess higher than normal intellect and are proud of their father. A fire at a waste facility though destroys his family. His mother dies a short time later and Ha-Myeong ends up being scooped out of the ocean by an unknown man (Byun Hee-Bong).

The man that pulls Ha-Myeong out of the ocean is the grandfather of In-Ha (Park Shin-Hye). In-Ha’s grandfather believes Ha-Myeong is his eldest son Dal-Po, who died 30 years ago. Ha-Myeong is then adopted by In-Ha’s grandfather and his name is changed to Dal-Po. In-Ha and Dal-Po now live together as uncle and niece, although they are in the same age range. In-Ha has a Pinocchio Syndrome. Whenever she lies she gets the hiccups. In-Ha and Dal-Po get along well until Dal-Po learns that In-Ha’s mother (Jin Kyung) is the reporter that covered the waste facility fire that destroyed his family. Dal-Po tries to distance himself from In-Ha, but he also develops feelings for her.

Years later, Dal-Po and In-Ha’s family are now living in Seoul. In-Ha attempts to become a reporter like her mother. In-Ha meets her mother for the first time in years at a job interview for MSC Broadcasting Station. Her mother is the person giving her the job interview. In-Ha though fails the job interview. Her mother rejects her because of her Pinocchio Syndrome.


Title: Pinocchio

Other Title: 피노키오

Genres: Family, Comedy, Drama, Romance

Director: Jo Soo-Won

Writer: Park Hye-Ryun

Episode: 20

Showtimes: November 12 2014 – January 15, 2015

Channel: SBS

Download Link of Korean Drama Pinocchio:

Pinocchio.E01.DC.BluRay.mkv – 200.4 MB
Pinocchio.E02.DC.BluRay.mkv – 200.4 MB
Pinocchio.E03.DC.BluRay.mkv – 200.4 MB
Pinocchio.E04.DC.BluRay.mkv – 200.5 MB
Pinocchio.E05.DC.BluRay.mkv – 200.2 MB
Pinocchio.E06.DC.BluRay.mkv – 200.4 MB
Pinocchio.E07.DC.BluRay.mkv – 200.6 MB
Pinocchio.E08.DC.BluRay.mkv – 200.3 MB
Pinocchio.E09.DC.BluRay.mkv – 200.3 MB
Pinocchio.E10.DC.BluRay.mkv – 200.3 MB
Pinocchio.E11.DC.BluRay.mkv – 200.3 MB
Pinocchio.E12.DC.BluRay.mkv – 200.3 MB
Pinocchio.E13.DC.BluRay.mkv – 200.7 MB
Pinocchio.E14.DC.BluRay.mkv – 200.4 MB
Pinocchio.E15.DC.BluRay.mkv – 200.6 MB
Pinocchio.E16.DC.BluRay.mkv – 200.7 MB
Pinocchio.E17.DC.BluRay.mkv – 200.4 MB
Pinocchio.E18.DC.BluRay.mkv – 200.4 MB
Pinocchio.E19.DC.BluRay.mkv – 200.4 MB
Pinocchio.E20.END.DC.BluRay.mkv – 200.6 MB

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