[Completed] – Prophecy of Love (Thailand Drama) – 2020

Download Prophecy of Love Thai Drama
Download Prophecy of Love Thai Drama

Synopsis of Prophecy of Love:

Rosita gets into a car accident and suddenly gets a talent where she sees the future when she touches a rose.

She becomes a famous fortune teller.

One day, she makes a prediction in public to reporters that Theeruth, a famous actor, will make a woman pregnant and have a secret child.

That prediction gets Theeruth into trouble and their relationship becomes antagonistic from that day.

A few years later, there is a charity event and the host invites Theeruth and four celebrities as special guests, and also invites Rosita to tell their fortunes.

Five celebrities choose different roses and give them to her to read.

Once Rosita touches those roses, she sees sweet scenes of Theeruth and herself hugging, kissing and loving each other very much.

She is so shocked.

Her reaction is so strange and the five celebrities are very curious about what she saw.

Rosita does not tell anyone and claims that she saw nothing.

But all the guests do not believe her.

After that day, something strange happens to her.

She is attacked by someone and the suspect is one of the five celebrities whose fortunes she had read.

The biggest suspect is Theeruth who had always been her opponent.

But one day, he coincidentally saves her from the criminal and also offers to let her live with him as it is the safest place for her since everyone thinks that they are opponents.

Their relationship improves little by little from that day through many dangerous situations to find the real criminal who wants to kill Rosita.

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Title: Prophecy of Love / Forecasted to Love / Payakorn Sorn Ruk

Native Title: พยากรณ์ซ่อนรัก

Genres: Action, Friendship, Comedy, Romance, Crime, Drama, Family, Detective

Director: Paajaew Yuthana Lorphanpaibul

Episode: 13

Showtimes: Jun 15, 2020 – Jul 27, 2020

Airtime: Monday, Tuesday

Channel: Channel 3

Prophecy of Love Thai Drama Download Link:

Episode 01 – 13540p


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Hello, the episodes 9 to 13 file is empty.


Thank you so much.

Gautam mandal

Prophecy of love subtitle has some time issues are like in 1 EP after 52min video subtitle and sound go incorrect can you fix this problem in subtitle.All EP 1-13 has same subtitle timing issues.

Gautam mandal

Thx for upload English subtitle in subscene

Gautam mandal

There is no English subtitles in prophecy of love plz add English sub in subscene