[Completed] – Rakuen (Japanese Drama) – 2017

Download Rakuen Japanese Drama
Download Rakuen Japanese Drama

Synopsis of Rakuen:

An incident is talked about all over Japan. The case involves the Doizaki couple that killed their 15-year-old daughter and hid her body under their house for 16 years.

One day, housewife Toshiko Hagitani visits Shigeko Maehata who works for a small editing company.

Toshiko tells Shigeko that her 12-year-old son Hitoshi might have a special ability to see other people’s memories.

She pulls out a picture drawn by Hitoshi. The picture has a girl with a grey colored face lying in a house that has a bat shaped weather vane on its roof. The picture seems to depict the incident involving the Doizaki couple.

Shigeko decides to do some research, but Hitoshi dies in a car accident. Meanwhile, the attorney for the Doizaki couple tells their second daughter Seiko that the couple has cut off all ties with her.

Around that time, a female high student is confined.


Title: Rakuen /  Heaven / Paradise

Native Title: 楽園

Genre: Psychological, Crime, Supernatural

Director: Gonno Hajime

Writer: Shinozaki Eriko

Episode: 6

Showtimes: January 8 – February 12, 2017

Airtime: Sunday

Channel: WOWOW

Download Japanese Drama Rakuen:

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Rakuen Episode 1 – 6 – Download

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