[Completed] – She Knows Everything (Korean Drama) – 2020

Download She Knows Everything Korean Drama
Download She Knows Everything Korean Drama

Synopsis of She Knows Everything:

After working as Miss Lee at Goong Real Estates 17 years ago, Lee Goong Bok is now a real estate expert with an apartment in Seoul and owns a shopping district. However, she is having a difficult time due to the aftermath of Goong Real Estates president’s son Seo Tae Hwa’s incident.

Tae Hwa grew up with Yang Su Jin, a girl of a mysterious death, during his childhood years in Goong Apartments. Su Jin was found dead a day after Tae Hwa confessed his feelings for her and got rejected. Miss Lee tries to cover up her death, regardless of whether it was murder or suicide, to get Goong Apartments redevelopment approved.

Miss Lee and veteran detective In Ho Chul dig to uncover the truth behind Yang Su Jin’s death while chasing after suspects and confronting everything in their way.


She Knows Everything’s complete information:

Title: She Knows Everything / Miss Lee Knows

Other Title: 미쓰리는 알고 있다

Genres: Mystery, Drama

Director: Lee Dong Hyun

Writer: Seo Young-Hee

Episode: 4

Showtimes: Jul 8, 2020 – Jul 9, 2020

Airtime: Wednesday and Thursday

Channel: MBC

Download Link of Korean Drama She Knows Everything:

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01480p: UTB | MR | GD | LU | MG | SF | UC
540p: UTB | MR | GD | LU | MG | SF | UC
720p: UTB | MR | GD | LU | MG | SF | UC
02480p: UTB | MR | GD | LU | MG | SF | UC
540p: UTB | MR | GD | LU | MG | SF | UC
720p: UTB | MR | GD | LU | MG | SF | UC
03480p: UTB | MR | GD | LU | MG | SF | UC
540p: UTB | MR | GD | LU | MG | SF | UC
720p: UTB | MR | GD | LU | MG | SF | UC
04 End480p: UTB | MR | GD | LU | MG | SF | UC
540p: UTB | MR | GD | LU | MG | SF | UC
720p: UTB | MR | GD | LU | MG | SF | UC

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