Submission (2016)

Download Submission Chinese Movie
Download Submission Chinese Movie

Synopsis of Submission:

A must watch of the masochistic romance series! Ruan Qing Tian had just returned from overseas to her home alone.

Shortly after she arrived, Ren Hao Ming and his men barged in.

He emptied her house, stating that Qian Xian’s mother had already mortgaged all her properties to him…

It turned out that Qing Xian’s mother had stolen his mother’s creative proposal, causing his mom to be accused of plagiarism and eventually died of depression.

Hao Ming thus determined to take revenge yet unconsciously fell in love with Qing Tian…

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Title: Submission

Native Title: 新娘

Genre: Love, Feature Movies

Release Date: 2016

Runtime: 1 hr. 26 min.

Download Chinese Movie Submission:

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