[Completed] – The Demon Master (Chinese Drama) – 2018

Download The Demon Master Chinese Drama
Download The Demon Master Chinese Drama

Synopsis of The Demon Master:

An Chu Xia and Han Qi Lu have a lot ups and downs in their relationship but end up getting engaged.

A crisis hits the engaged couple on that day which later causes Qi Lu to lose his memory so he can’t remember his fiancée. What will Chu Xia do when her husband can’t remember her?

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Title: The Demon Master / Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me 3 / Master Devil Don’t Kiss Me 3 / E mo shao ye bie wen wo 2

Native Title: 我的恶魔少爷

Genres: Romance, School, Youth

Episode: 46

Aired: Mar 8, 2017 – Apr 4, 2017

Channel: Mango TV

Episode 01 – 46540p

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