[Completed] – The House Arrest of Us (Philippines Drama) – 2020

Download The House Arrest of Us Filipino Drama
Download The House Arrest of Us Filipino Drama

Synopsis of The House Arrest of Us:

Q and Korics finally decide to get engaged. But as Korics’ big and liberated family goes to Q’s judgmental and nouveau riche family for the “pamamanhikan” (a Filipino tradition where the man and his family formally settle things with the woman’s family after getting engaged), the government suddenly announces a total hard lockdown.

Now the newly engaged couple must live with each other and their warring families during the pandemic.

Will their relationship survive their families?
Will there still be a wedding or not?

Title: The House Arrest of Us / THAOU

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama, Family, Sitcom

Episode: 13

Aired: Oct 24, 2020 – Jan 16, 2021

Channel: ABS-CBN

Episode 01 – 13540p
Mega | Uptobox
Mega | Uptobox
Mega | Uptobox


Recently Google Banned My Account, so i can't reupload anything, and old GD or GDrive links won't work.
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Thank you so much. I’m watching it now and it’s amazing.

Mrs balogun

Hello I don’t know why is not bringing download link again. the total new downloading process is new to me, can you please tell me how to it properly

Bruna de Jesus Santos

If possible I could add the novel The Lost recipe 2020 Philippines. Even if you can’t already thank you for your work and effort.


hello, Can you reupload mega link for this film? Please!!!!!!1


hi!!! Can you make one for He’s Into Her? thanks!

anon69 any

Episode 8 is missing in uptobox. Can you please add it?

Amelia ramadani