[Completed] – Time Teaches Me to Love (Chinese Drama) – 2018

Download Time Teaches Me to Love Chinese Drama
Download Time Teaches Me to Love Chinese Drama

Synopsis of Time Teaches Me to Love:

A contract relationship begins between the stupid cute Lin Lu and the childish Shi Liansen.

In order to pay for her younger brother’s insurmountable medical bills, Lin Lu gets into a contract relationship with Shi Liansen the young and domineering CEO of a company.

Unknowingly, the binding contract paves the way for something more as Lin Lu repeatedly tests Liansen’s limits and a romance ensues.

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Title: Time Teaches Me to Love / Shi Guang Jiao Hui Wo Ai Ni

Other Title: 时光教会我爱你

Genres: Comedy, Romance

Director: Tan You Ye

Episode: 24

Showtimes: Dec 10, 2018 – Jan 15, 2019

Channel: iQiyi

If there are no subtitles, please download the subtitles at Subscene

Episode 01 – 12Download
Episode 13 – 24Download

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