Youth With You Season 3 Episode 5

Download Youth With You Season 3 Chinese Show
Download Youth With You Season 3 Chinese Show

Synopsis of Youth With You Season 3:

Youth With You 3 is a Chinese survival show aired by iQIYI consisting of male trainees. It is the fourth season in the entire Idol Producer series, following Idol Producer, Youth With You, and Youth With You 2. Youth producers vote for their favorite trainees and the top 9 at the end of the show will debut and form an idol group.

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Title: Youth With You Season 3 / Qing Chun You Ni 3 / Idol Producer 4

Other Title: 青春有你3

Genres: Friendship, Music

Episode: 24

Showtimes: Feb 18, 2021 – May 8, 2021

Airtime: Thursday, Saturday

Channel: iQiyi

Download Chinese Show Youth With You Season 3:

If there are no subtitles, please download the subtitles at Subscene

Episode 0 – 1540p
Episode 2540p
Episode 3 – 4540p
Episode 5540p

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There is no eng sub in episode 5 part 3

Not an admin

Ep5, pt.2, there is no English subtitles after 30 minutes 🙁


Ep 3 and 4 part 2 and 3, there is no English subtitle. There is many parts in the video has no subtitle in it. Please reupload the video with complete English subtitle in it. Thank you


Yeah, I have checked it using VLC players but still there are many parts have no English subtitle in it. Some parts have subtitle then other parts no subtitle. It looks like the subtitle is incomplete within one video. Can you please check the video again and reupload again? Thank you


Ep 3 Part 1 – from 19:02 onwards no subtitle
Ep 3 Part 2 – from the start onwards no subtitle
Ep 4 Part 2 – from 14:15 onwards no subtitle
Ep 4 Part 3 – from the start onwards no subtitle

Basically, ep 3 & 4 (exception ep 4 Part 1), the English subtitle totally missing from the whole episode because Iqiyi has not finished translating the whole episode. That is why there is some parts has subtitle but other parts has no subtitle at all.

Other indication, at the start of episode there is a note that says “We’re seizing every second to improve the English subtitle” means they have not finished translating the whole episode. Iqiyi usually finished translating each episode later at night of the day or the next morning.

Thank you, I hope it helps.


Hi, I have checked the latest subs that you gave me and the subs is not updated yet because when I opened the srt file for the subtitle, there are still many missing subtitle in the same place that I have given you in detail before.

I don’t know where you get this subs but the best option is to redownload the video again from IQiyi apps directly since they have given a complete English subtitle by now.

Sorry if I give you more problem and I appreciate your hard work in giving us good quality video with English subtitle.

I hope my feedback will helps to solve the missing subtitle problem. Thank you


yeah, thats what I think too and the subs are wrong in many different parts and did not translating what the person was saying in the video.