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Synopsis of Yuri or Another:

Sinohara Yuri is a young female college student who has been troubled by a dangerous stalker who won’t leave her alone.

She decides to move to new accommodation and is surprised to discover that her new neighbor is Ninomiya Hairi.

They quickly recognize each other and recall that they were once elementary school friends.

Much has changed since their childhood days, however.

While Yuri pursued a straight-laced academic path, Hairi has been working for years, mainly as a men’s magazine model, but now as an employee at a real estate firm.

At first, Yuri is delighted to be safe and away from the stalker – and reunited with her old friend.

However, the stalker won’t be deterred so easily, and Yuri begins to sense that Hairi wants to be more than just friends…

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Title: Yuri or Another / Yuri Dano Kan Dano / Is It A Lily?

Native Title: 百合だのかんだの

Genre: Psychological, Romance, Drama

Episode: 8

Showtimes: May 24, 2019 – Jul 12, 2019

Channel: Fuji TV

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Holo Gram

Will you upload therest of the drama, someday? Thank you


ep 3,4 pls?