Synopsis of See You Again:   In the 1990s, Hu Guanglai, a passionate “steel factory compound talent”, and the newly transferred community police husband security party wished to sympathize with his

Synopsis of The Priceless: A story that follows a married couple during their “trial period” and the mother-in-law who turns into a “strict examiner” to put the relationship between the

Synopsis of Master, Wait a Moment: A rookie cop has gone undercover without the knowledge of the deputy captain of the police. They are pushed into opposite camps due to

Synopsis of Our Times: With the development of information in the early 1990s, two IT guys started out secretly making Chinese character cards. They catch the attention of the director

Synopsis of Peach of Time: Peach, a 22-year old Thai boy, takes a daring step in his life and decides to fly to Korea to meet his online Korean friend,

Synopsis of Cyanide: Amelia and Jenny have always been in love. Yet, Amelia’s arranged marriage with David forced them apart. Jenny was in despair till she meets Amelia again and

Synopsis of Danger Zone: A flawless crime, serial murder case without suspect is investigated.An outstanding case forced the police and criminals to work hand in hand, go deep into the