Synopsis of Search: Yong Dong Jin is a conscript sergeant in the South Korean armed forces. He is also the military’s leading sniffer dog handler and is just one month

Synopsis of Start-Up: Seo Dal Mi dreams of becoming Korea’s Steve Jobs. She’s an adventurer who doesn’t own much, but has a grand plan for herself. She also has experience

Synopsis of After Dark: When the night falls, humans are more of a threat. Composed of 4 interlinked horror stories: “Blind Date”: Pink, a dating app addict, meets Q, a

Synopsis of After We Collided: Hardin will always be… Hardin. But is he really the deep, thoughtful guy Tessa fell madly in love with— or has he been a stranger all along? She

Synopsis of Falling into You: Chen Zi Tong is down on her luck. She was once a promising taekwondo athlete with hopes of competing at the Olympic Games. But a debilitating

Synopsis of General’s Lady: Shen Jin is the daughter of powerful nobles who hold prestigious positions in the imperial court. She has lived a life of luxury and is used